The Great Undiscovered Secret of Southern Norway

The Setesdal Ice Guidebook

Geoff Hornby's definitive guidebook to the superb ice-climbs of Norway's Setesdal Valley features more than 150 routes between WI2 and WI6, stretching from Evje and Byglandsfjord in the south up to the ski resort of Hovden at the north end of the valley. It includes photo-topos, approach and descent information, as well as all the background that you need to plan an unforgettable and easily accessible winter climbing holiday away from the crowds of nearby Rjukan.

The guide also highlights some of the incredible potential for first-ascents of major icefalls in this still developing venue.


by Geoff Hornby

Published by the Oxford Alpine Club (2012)

ISBN 978-0-9567288-1-4

196 colour pages (card cover in plastic sleeve)

"From the outset, Geoff's down-to-earth words had given away just enough to hint at the raw character of Setesdal ice climbing. He and his team had stumbled upon a world-class destination and they'd evidently had an abundance of fun and adventure in its exploration. This guidebook, whilst providing a wealth of information for teams wishing to visit the valley for winter climbing, will hopefully portray a sense of that adventure, and the first ascent stories written by many of the key players in the valley's development add a fascinating insight into Setesdal's short climbing history."